After I gave birth to my son, I focused on getting back to my pre-baby weight. The doctor cleared me after my 6 week check up so I hit the gym and eased myself back into working out. Before then, I had inquired about a cross fit gym with the goal of adding some tones to my muscles and making the extra flesh go away. The doctor’s clearance hasten my decision to join. I wanted more challenges in terms of fitness. I started working out as my body could endure and I never tried to push beyond my limits but enjoyed the workouts because they were quite dynamic. There were different exercises everyday but could be modified to fit the individual needs. Some of the workouts are high intensity workouts that challenge you mentally and physically. Another aspect that made workouts interesting are the people. Working out with people created this comrade between everyone that worked out in the gym to push you to keep going, calling out your name, or even doing the exercises with you. Everyone worked out like a team.

However, the downside of crossfit is that a lot of the exercises are timed and you have to do so many sets and reps within a time and then your name is posted on the board as competition. Although some people liked that idea but some (including me) felt it could discourage people. Nevertheless, I felt accomplished whenever I beat the time and my name was written on the board. Then the gym owner had created this fitness challenge to help us lose weight and eat better. We had to get on the scale to be weighed for our starting weight. Then the owner told us get meal prep containers to meal prep our food and the foods to avoid or reduce.

The group fitness and accountability created team bonding among the members of the gym and I can say that inspired me in designing my SnapBack program. A six-week fitness program designed to help new moms reach their fitness goals and get closer to their pre-baby body target!  As a mom of 18 month old son, I understand how hard and discouraging it can get to snap back to your normal shape and size giving birth. Which is why I created the six-week fitness program to assist new moms who are willing to have great bodies as they nurse their babies while you are working with the right people to work alongside yourself toward better health, weight loss, strength, toning, or just improving your lifestyle.

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Welcome to Champion Mommy blog! Hi moms. My name is Jerrica and I am a special education teacher who resides in Chicago. This blog will address the concerns and challenges for new moms that want to lose weight and get fit.

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