Dayo’s Progress Report

Dayo is making great strides in daycare. As he becomes more aware of his surroundings and getting older. He would hold on to my leg and cry when I leave every morning but now, he is getting better. He smiles at his teacher and even runs up to her in the morning. He was placed on the toddler side but the teacher felt that he was imitated by the other children that could walk. Dayo’s walking was unstable a bit of staggers here and there. He would fall down often. Despite me feeling a certain way about this because I am a special education teacher so I felt he was regressing. I am often always in student’s meetings discussing their progress, what accommodations and modifications can be provided to support students. I know I was thinking extreme but I thought I can I support my son in his efforts of walking. However she stated that it shouldn’t take him long to get back to the toddler side perhaps a month or so. She however said it depended on him. The teacher reassured that even though he was still on the infant side they would still be learning. I had felt the toddler side would be focused more on academics. That was a relief.

The teacher recommended that we bring him some shoes because she didn’t want him walking around in his socks. So I brought the daycare a pair of his shoes. At home he doesn’t walk in shoes since he is always in his socks even though we bought the grip pairs of socks. Dayo has been sitting at the table playing and talking with his peers. With his shoes, his walking is getting more stable. He exhibited some behaviors of hitting other children because he was jealous and wanted the attention of of his teacher when other kids would go to her.

Dayo is learning about his different body parts: Eyes, nose, hair and mouth. So I have been working with him on identifying those at home. He is responding well to those and well points to them. He now talks more and he even said the word banana his teacher said. Dayo is learning to count. When I count 1, 2, 3, 4, he will say 5. He is gradually developing and achieving the developmental milestones.

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