Hectic Week

The past week was marked with a series of significant events for me ranging from one of the coldest weather in Chicago to my car’s episode. Chicago experienced one of the coldest week. Just when the cold “apocalypse-like” was about to start, that was when my car refused to start. Putting me in one of the most terrible situations.  I had to call AAA to come and take a look the car and possibly tow it to a mechanic shop. At first, I thought it was the polar vertex weather. Thinking all I needed was just a jumpstart  for my car battery. AAA came out and tested the battery, but confirmed it wasn’t the battery. So I called a mechanic that had worked on a previous car and he said to tow it the following week for him to look at. I think the job was too much for him to complete in addition with the weather not being helpful. I realized after spending unnecessary money on Uber. During the cold weather their fares had a price surge. I had to consider the option of renting a car for the weekend. I naturally do not like using things that do not belong to me so the idea wasn’t appealing to me. I didn’t want to do that because you have to worry about driving a car that isn’t mine. I have to be careful with my Bestie, she is already banged up from being rear ended in a car accident on last year.

I called in to have my car towed that Thursday, The mechanic  said on the automatic system that it would be a 3 hour wait unless it was an emergency they would be out to you right away. I called the tow truck around 12 pm, but it didn’t come till 6pm. I was contacting the number that was texted to me to keep me updated on the arrival of the tow truck. When I called they never answered the phone and the app that was used kept going around in circles in the location that was near me. Finally he called as I was dropping off a spare key to the auto repair shop. The driver had the nerve to ask me did I still need a tow and where was my location despite him having it already. When he came to tow my car, he was joking was that really my car and that I have two cars. I was trying to be patient and calm like just tow my car please.

Thankfully the car was eventually towed and I had rented a car for transportation to get around and hopefully my car would be repaired. They called me the following day that I needed a tune up which was cheaper than what the personal mechanic had quoted me and only took a day to fix instead of a whole week. As a mom, we have to always be thinking of plan b, c, d,e because no offense to dads their day can still go uninterrupted. It was just stressful because unlike before I would just jump on the bus as I had previous years before, but I have a son to think about now that has to go to daycare that I pay weekly. With having  a car, I can’t predict when things will go out until it happens. I guess that’s just another time when life goes unplanned and unexpected. I know I eventually will have to replace my used car and get a new one but I am trying to hold off especially with daycare expenses costing a $1000 a month. I love my Bessie and I pray it holds on till I’m ready.

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Welcome to Champion Mommy blog! Hi moms. My name is Jerrica and I am a special education teacher who resides in Chicago. This blog will address the concerns and challenges for new moms that want to lose weight and get fit.

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