Dayo’s Daycare Adventure

IMG_1557After my maternity leave last year, because of my work and my husband’s work schedule, I had to find a daycare for my son. I had thought that was going to be a run-over, I was wrong! Who would have thought finding a daycare would be such a process.  Ranging from the cost, location, ambience, accessibility and so many other factors, I eventually found one and I enrolled him when he was three months old. That was still considered a newborn. Activities at the daycare included: tummy time, feeding and changing, naps, and socializing with other babies.
The daycare came in handy while mommy and daddy were at work which is key so when he got home that was the regular routine. I really liked this daycare because it was up the street from my job, I could walk there to check on him at any time just in case of emergencies. However there was a twist they merged with another branch which wasn’t close to me. I went to inspect this new location just to be sure that the quality of care was the same as the previous one. Apparently it didn’t meet my expectations, the building was smaller, not tidy and the staff was not effective compared to the staff at the old place. That motivated my decision to change his daycare.

While going through the daycare hassle, I was also considering my career review. I applied for another job and eventually changed my job that gave me the opportunity of enrolling my son at the daycare close to my new job. My husband and I checked the review about the daycare and there were lots of good reviews about them. We also visited the place just to be sure no stone is left unturned. We were not disappointed. They were pleasant and took care of my son like he was their child. The daycare had a family atmosphere. Dayo was about 6 months when he started at the daycare. He was already sitting up, rolling over, making some babbling noises, grabbing and reaching for things and now more observant of his surroundings. The daycare reinforced the similar structure. Also, they had a lot of activities like taking school pictures for the kids, went on field trips to the zoo, Universal Soul Circus of course accompanied by an adult. We got feedback from the daycare that Dayo is quite demanding in regards to attention, he likes to be held, he will eat beyond when he is full. In their own words, ‘he is spoiled.’During this time we saw Dayo grow up before our eyes by playing with the other kids, grabbing on them, walking and talking until he was 15 months.

The daycare opened a new location closer to my home and with the same standards and staff. So I moved him to this daycare. This daycare has placed emphasis on him learning lessons taught by the teacher and having the students do different activities that are displayed on the bulletin board. At this stage as he is progressing as a toddler that is playing with everything around him, walking around, less dependent on people, his sounds are becoming more distinct and his personality is developing. He enjoys watching animated cartoons and listening to music. He is able to be more expressive with his emotions with facial expressions, gestures and body language.





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