“Love Brought Us Joy”

IMG_7015 (1)I arrived at the hospital with my husband and 7,000 bags. Well it seemed like it. I checked into labor and delivery. They got me prepped with a gown, checked the baby’s heart rate with a fetal heart monitor on my stomach. They said he was healthy. The nurses checked my blood pressure, drew my blood, and put an IV in me. I was scheduled for my c-section between 12:30 to 1:00pm. However due to emergency c-section procedures was pushing my delivery time later. I had to wait till my OBGYN was available to start my procedure, although I had been briefed on this possibility before hand. My mom, husband, brother, dad, and sister were all around waiting on our bundle of joy aka little pumpkin and they were talking, watching TV and of course taking pictures. Although, my little pumpkin was going to be delayed, I was feeling nervous, yet excited to finally meet my son who I had carried for nine months.

My OBGYN finally came in the room looking tired. Obviously he had done a lot for the day. He said he was not going to be able to do the c-section, however he suggested that I could wait till next Monday for him to do it or allow another OBGYN to do it, if I wanted to deliver the baby the same day. I was ready; I am the kind of person that I like to get things done promptly because I don’t like wasting time. Then another OBGYN came in to tell me my options. She said I could wait till the evening that would mean she would have to work with the other night shift doctors. She expressed that their might not be anymore emergencies for the day. Another option was to come back tomorrow morning or wait till the following Monday if I wanted to see my regular OBGYN. I chose to have the baby the same day. I was starving and thirsty ass hell because I could not have any liquids. I informed her that I had been advised not to wait till 38 weeks because my uterus could erupt if I went into natural labor and it was not safe. She tried to convince me that most women don’t give birth at that time, but I could not risk that since I had a myomectomy surgery.

My mother was so anxious about the baby, so she was upset about the delay. She complained that they should have more doctors on call and also she had to be at work at 11pm. My sister also had a hair appointment planned for at 6:30 because she thought the baby would have been delivered before then.

So another OBGYN came in to announce that all was set and that I would be ready to go in at 6:30. The anesthesiologist came in to the room to explain how the epidural procedure would work and of course paperwork that required me to sign my life away if something happened, if I needed a blood transfer, and the risks that came with it.

They rolled me in the operation room at 6:30 to get prepped for delivery. I guess he was a new anesthesiologist because he poked me several times just to locate the middle of my spine. Meanwhile I was hunched over like hunch back of Notre Dame. Even though there was an anesthesiologist there in the room that seemed much more experienced because she kept telling him the right dosage he should use or try a different method. Finally, he got it right and he poked my leg with a wooden stick and I didn’t feel it, so they begin the procedure.

My husband came in the operating room and sat by me on a stool. He was dressed in the hospital surgical gown as if he was dressed for Halloween costume. I felt calm with him by my side even though he was rocking back and forth. I asked him if he was nervous? He said no. I felt a pull inside of me and that was a bit painful. I was groaning and my husband was worried. About that time they were pulling my son out. They were calling my husband, Dad, dad, stand up! However, he was focused on me because of my unease. I felt the pressure and them pulling and prodding on me. Finally my husband heard them say, “Dad stand up!” He stood up and he heard the baby’s first cry at 7:24 pm. I was excited and was trying to cry, but I was numb. Then my husband went to the baby to cut the umbilical cord. They cleaned, dressed and swaddled him. His vitals were checked and everything was healthy. My husband brought the baby over to show me. He was so little and weighed 5.82lbs. Then they put me back together and rolled me in to recovery where I waited for 2 hours before going into the post partum room where I stayed for 3 days. Where they did several tests on my baby from hearing, heart, blood work and other vital tests to ensure he was a healthy boy. A circumcision was scheduled for the 2nd day. It went well, he did not cry.

Friends and family started visiting the baby and I and baby bringing gifts. My husband slept over with me and he had to work the following day. The baby slept through the night and my husband. My friends brought me food. I had thrown up because I had not eaten in the past 24 hours. My lower abdomen was bandage and I started to feel the pain. I was up all night because I couldn’t sleep from the pain and I was hoping to breastfed him when he woke up. After the 2nd day I was looking forward to going home and I couldn’t wait to eat my homemade oxtails and for the baby to see his home.



Finally, on the 3rd day I was released to go home. I was adjusting to the baby waking up and me breastfeeding, which is another story for another day.

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